Neck - Come Out Fighting (Golf) County Holloway’s finest back with another fine album of dirty London town celtic punk goodness! - Organ



Neck - Sod 'em & begorrah!

ALBUM OF THE WEEK  NECK - Sod'em & Begorrah - a yes, this is what we want, defiant flutes and punk'd up reels - real ones, real reels - Irish folk-punks, real ones!

Organart, UK



Another dose of manic psycho-ceilídh from the London-Irish heirs to the Pogues' legacy. …not for the fainthearted, this is incendiary, belligerent stuff and front-man Leeson O'Keeffe doesn't pull any punches on tracks like 'Blood on The Streets', 'Every Day's St Patrick's Day' and 'Diaspora'.

Hot Press, Ireland



Pull me a Guinness, boys and make sure to put a shamrock in the foam for kitsch value …if you ever want to head-bang until you pop a couple of veins & dance like Michael Flatley after one too many red bulls, then this is your album! Proclaiming that 'Every day's St. Patrick's Day'    …good music, good lyrics, lots of musicians & mad craic!

Irish Post, UK



This north London crew seem to be nearer the real classic kinda vibe that the Pogues emitted, they have that same attitude both in the mood and the subject matter. But it's the pulsating 'Diaspora' that's their best number, and a tribute to the Irish emigrants and their descendents that really stood out. It's got an addictive tune that shows Neck in a class of their own with an excellent chorus and some great fiddle and whistle work.  And they are supposedly a deadly live act too!

World Power or Ruin, USA



They're brash, they're loud, they like a drink… It's a riot from start to finish… and [this] album marks their arrival in the big league!

Irish World, UK



So, here's to this band that proclaims it's St. Patrick's Day every day. Good music, good lyrics, lots of musicians. And the English are all bastards.

Punk News, UK



…should put wannabe bog-trotting Yank punks to shame. I prefer Neck to Dropkick Murphys!

Big Cheese Magazine, UK



the perfect combination of full on cutting edge refined electric punk rock and traditional Irish folk - they go to all the places bands like Dropkick Murphys do but they feel far more first hand and closer to the reality. Punk Rock doesn't get much better than this!

Organ Magazine, UK



Neck - Here's Mud in Yer Eye!

"Bringing Irish Punk past The Pogues! Unlike many of the Celtic punks sired from the loins of Shane MacGowan, Neck come closest to the Pogues  spirit... It doesn't hurt to be a top-notch songwriter last, a worthy contender for the Celtic punk crown is born! "

Irish Voice, NYC



If The Clash had been born in the Emerald Isle, they might have ended up sounding like this!, USA



Neck are a London-based band, but whose heart certainly remains in Dublin and are well acquainted with the place of alcohol in contemporary life… like the soundtrack to an imaginary 'potato western'… an extraordinary compilation.

Roaring Jack Archives, USA



Singer and guitarist Leeson O'Keeffe's stint as a member of Shane MacGowan's Popes gives you an idea where this North London Irish band is coming from. For my money, this 6-piece ensemble is better than The Popes…high marks!

Rock 'n' Roll Purgatory, USA



What The Pogues could have been… Just make sure that you play it loud enough to rattle the fucking walls

Green Man review, USA



Combining Celtic lyricism with raging hard rock in a bid for what Thin Lizzy would have sounded like had it ever really exploited its roots. Very cool stuff.

High Bias, USA



Tremendously good stuff. Neck gets the bar, their family, the dog, everyone to enjoy each and every taste of that mighty black pint, and if I'm wrong the next round is on me!

Hussieskunk, USA



Neck give it lots of bollocks, and do it well. Well worth checking out.




Neck are reminiscent of The Pogues, but with more of a traditional Irish music flair searing with non-traditional electric guitar, and are well worthy of the term "Psycho Ceilídh.

Askew Reviews, USA



London-Irish punkster Leeson O'Keeffe makes music for the emigrant and 2nd generation Irish folk of the world…expect both traditional and original recordings that make for a solid collection of drinking songs.

Impact Press, USA



Neck were born in a bottle, their members thrown together in a dirty glass, served up in the Camden bars of the punk-rockin' Irish Diaspora. Pray they show up in your neck of the woods someday!

Celt in a twist, USA



I don't really have anything else to tell you, apart from this is the best version around of The Fields of Athenry - I'm honestly too busy listening to the album… Neck will be the next big band to break thru  to (almost) the big time with some luck, hard work and a label willing to put some dollars into getting them there.

Shite 'n' Onions, USA



Unforgettable…very talented, especially the fella on the pipes and the girl on the tin whistle.

BBC Black Country, UK



...I arrived late so I missed Neck, -though judging from the constant shout-outs from the remaining acts, I'm sure they rocked!

Murphguide, NYC, USA



Add fiddle, banjo and whistle to drums, guitar, bass and vocals and run it at variable speeds -they're traditional, they're punk, they're Psycho-Ceilídh!

Razor Cake, USA



Neck - The fields of Athenry - even better then Brush Shields version if I dare say so. The production is great and the football terrace chorus and the Olé Hooley tacked on at the end turn this into a true football anthem 'McAlpine's Fusileers' - The ultimate song about the Irish in Britain by the ultimate Plastic Paddies.

Shite 'n' Onions, USA



Like being in a warm Irish pub hidden in a dark alley; they play folk music but with a heavy touch.. The band makes contact with the audience and they play with complete dedication. Neck will not let you down.

Paaspop Festival, Holland